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We are inspiring creative ideation & entrepreneurial innovation to empower Marketing & Advertising dominance.

Brand Story

It’s all started with a Glitch!

Every single day thousands of startups, businesses, and brands are founded by aspiring entrepreneurs. Begin their journey to strive & overcome their competition. Each of them goes head to toe to build quality customer relations and immense their business growth providing astonishing solutions, products, and services. But whenever they enter this saturated marketing world, to build their business’s credibility and to reach as many as customers they could. They got caught in the uncontrollable web of so-called agencies and marketers.

Unfortunately, most of the businesses and their owner are left fragile & humiliated. Many of them reached a peak of closing their dream business. Why? The unforgivable answer is; these agencies use their clients as money-making machines and fill their pockets.

Here, when we came as Potato Logics with the most optimal solutions to this awful problem. We provide legit yet effective marketing and advertising services. To more than 200+ clients base. We designed over 1800+ successful campaigns. In all we do, we’re putting the entrepreneurial spirit back into the agency culture.

We are a team of creative and insane potatoes. Yes, you heard the right potatoes. Just like, potatoes can cook with every edible dish. We are the potatoes of creative ideation and data-driven integrated marketing communication. We are logically creative and insanely passionate about our work and clients. We committed to returning valuable results rather than recording.

So, This team of insanely passionate potatoes needs you to survive in this age of marketing and advertising dominance. We are investing in your advertising is the only option left with you. Whether you are planning to start your brand or you want to grow your family business. We have got your back!

Our Mission

To deliver insanely effective services, we keep adding values to Top-Notch brands & businesses from their beginning to success because we are in love with what we do

Our Values

  • We deliver the work as if every penny is our own.
  • We build strategy first and tactics after.
  • We never force the client into a particular tactic.
  • We maintain agility, malleability, and passion for our client’s business growth.
  • We always keep the measurements and records of our campaigns.
  • We adapt & execute our client’s vision at any cost

Our team

Aspiring captains get the best out of their Leadership skills and show powerful results

Hamza Irshad

Hamza Irshad

CEO of Potato Logics
Basit Anwar

Basit Anwar

Creative Head
Muhammad Waiez

Muhammad Waiez

Social Media Marketer
Waqas Dhariwal

Waqas Dhariwal

Operations Manager
Ali Sethi

Ali Sethi

Lead Web Developer
Talha Israr

Talha Israr

Graphic Designer
Abdullah Tahir

Abdullah Tahir

Copy Writer

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